What you can expect from a day care centre in Darwin

The major concern of most parents when they enroll their kid at Darwin child care is how their kids would progress academically. While it’s important for children to learn their numbers and letters, there’s a great deal more to child care then just academics. A child care should be considered a safe haven for your child. A place where you child would learn and grow at their own pace. They would learn to interact with their peers. Their care givers would be responsible in helping them take the first baby steps in social development. The main concern should not just be academics. In fact the whole focus is on the overall development of the child.

The objective of a child care is to ensure that children are not only apt at academics but also prepared to face the other major aspects necessary for attending a school. While the environment at a school tends to be more rigid with more attention on study, at a child care things are quite different.

Children engage in a great deal of play. While some parents may not be over whelmed by this, there are few who are confused. To them being academically ready is more important. They might have a talk with the care givers. However, it should be kept in mind that at a play school things are different. Their motto is that child learn best while they are having fun. When a child learns through play, they are able to grasp a concept much better. They would learn through a number of activities like pouring, use of and paper ad learning to string beads. All these activities help sharpen their motor skills which come in handy when it’s time to read and write.

There is research which proves that playing can help sculpt the brain. It help build a denser connection between the neurons in the brain and thus ensuring that the child develops academically as well as emotionally.

Children at a child care are given a number of objects. They are not specifically taught to handle those objects. Rather they are allowed to grasp concepts on their own. Children normally indulge in pretend play or they may simply learn to engage with their peers. They learn a great deal through those interactions. They learn to be patient, take turns and help those who are in need. To some these may seem like just simple social kills, but these are the very skills which would help them do well at school as well.

If you have a chance to visit a Darwin child care you would see that there are a variety of activities through which children learn a great deal. They are taught circle games which help improve large motor skills, puzzles which helps them develop problem solving abilities, block building which is the basic step of learning scientific methodologies.

If you are concerned about what and how your child would learn, make sure you visit Insight Early Learning’s Darwin child care centre.

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