Professional Art Supplies

Professional art supplies are quality materials artists need to produce professional art products for sale and exhibition. These may include tools and materials for screen printing, intaglio, relief printing, and lithography. In most professional art supplies stores, you will find also fine art accessories, tools, and products that will help artists to create and inspire. Ranging from paints to paint brushes, pencils, paper, books, easels and more, expect to find all these products under one roof. Special quantity discounts might be offered to schools and people who purchase these products in bulk. When you visit an art supply store, expect to meet passionate sales staff who are trained and knowledgeable in the art industry. They will assist you through the whole process of art supplies acquisition and might go the extra mile to advise you on the best products that will yield standard art products.

Now let’s look at some of the professional art supplies that you might need if you are a professional artist. Shall we?


Picture varnish

Picture varnish protects oil paintings. This product is applied to artwork after the painting is dry. It is applied in a thin layer as possible. Picture varnishes are packaged in small bottles of about 150 millimetres.


Retouch varnish

Retouch varnishes are used to minimise the occurrence of fill-in effects and strengthens the layers in between the paints.


Painting mediums

Painting mediums are products used to dilute colours without weakening. They are labelled dangerous because of their poisonous nature. They are packaged in different bottle sizes at different prices.


Cyanotype Fabric sheet

Cyanotype fabric sheet works in this manner: when exposed to sunlight, a chemical reaction takes place on the fabric. This chemical reaction won’t reflect soon until the fabric is immersed in the water; it then turns blue instantly. The prints are made when objects are placed to block parts on the cyanotype fabric, places that do not see the light on the fabric remain white to leave a photographic impression on the fabrics called photogram. To produce prints from the photogram, you need to first convert it to a negative through the normal traditional photo processing and place it on top of the fabric instead of objects. Cyanotype exposure depends on weather conditions but typically 3-10 minutes.


Drawing and calligraphy inks

These are speedball and super pigmented acrylic drawings and calligraphy inks. They are formulated from the best pigments that ever existed on earth to give a vivid rich calligraphic and drawings. These top-notch quality inks can be used in a variety of art techniques which include but not limited to; drawing, calligraphy, stamping, scrub booking and airbrushing. These inks are inter-mixable, lightfast, waterproof, acid-free, and archival to provide artists and crafters with the best results.


Aqua wash inks

Aqua wash inks are used like traditional inks by use of brush and other techniques except for intaglio where the paper doesn’t have to be a dump one. They dry up slowly, just like the solvent-based inks. Aqua wash is suitable for all types of intaglio, monotype, relief printing and lithograph. It mixes easily with other aqua wash inks and colours.


Dry pigments

If you want to mix up your inks and paints with colours of your own, you should try dry pigments. They are best suited for tempera and are sold in 100 ml glass bottles with a cork stopper.

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