The importance of play in early learning

There is ample research to support the importance of play during early learning. It has many benefits on a child’s learning ability. It not only helps in the physical growth and health but also allows them to learn important social skills.

How teachers incorporate play at the Centre of early learning Launceston

At the Launceston Early Learning Centre, teachers incorporate play in the following ways

  • They make sure that there is a variety of material available to support children’s play. Children are taught stories through the help of picture reading. They are also allowed to share their ideas about a certain story and let their classmates know about what they think. Some children would be eager to participate in the role play based on the story which they have just heard. Role-play is a powerful tool in teaching children about different things. It’s not only help them with their academics but also has them understand different things like helping others or being a team member.
  • The teachers make sure that all the material is accessible to the children. It is placed in such a way that it is visible, reachable and identifiable for all the children. They also make sure to create a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Pouring and beading are activities which are enjoyed by children. It not only helps strengthen the motor skills but also help them develop concentration as they go about practicing different skills.
  • Children are also encouraged to participate in role play and imaginative games by providing them with the necessary props. This develops the child’s language skills and also allow them to become more confident.

The benefits of incorporating play into the curriculum

When children learn through playing they learn a number of skills which would be useful for them in their future life as well. It allows them to learn problem solving with the help of cause and effect. And also enables them to learn how to compromise and to resolve conflicts through sharing and playing together. Play also enhances their fine and gross motor skills. It not only helps make them more confident but also nurtures the creativity and imagination. Children become more Independent and develop positive self esteem.

It has been seen that children as young as one month old can benefit from educational toys. For very young children sensory play not only help stimulate the senses but also has make them more contented. Infant play gems are great toys for children because it helps develop this sense of sound sight and touch.

As children get older they are introduced to age appropriate materials which not only helps them learn academic li but also allows them to achieve their milestones. Stackers and blocks allow children to develop problem solving skills. It allows them to make an error and then learn through it. However it should be kept in mind that learning through play is not only restricted to the classroom but can be done at home as well.

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