How the Australian Education System has failed its students

1. Global Comparison
There are studies in the world done to see where countries with similar economic standing rank. The fact of the matter is that there has been a steady decline with the Australian ranking, with more and more students failing to reach the standard mark. We are falling behind countries that we generally stood on top of, and this has become a worrying sign to both parents and the folks upstairs.

2. Falling STEM
STEM education is a must for growing economies. But a majority of higher education dealing with the STEM is taken up by international students who have come to Australia to study. Eventually, a lot of these international students leave Australia for their home country, and this has thus lead to a sort of brain drain. Australia is primarily being used as a source of standard and top-notch education but isn’t seeing the results of the high academic standards due to inadequate representation of Australian citizens taking up the STEM. In the year 2013, it was found that less than 1 in every ten students took up STEM-related subjects in class 12. The data is even more skewed when looking at the vast gender disparity between men and women taking up STEM education. The alarming fact is that STEM education used to be a thriving course for a number of young adults, especially women, but over the year STEM education has lost its importance.


3. Language Barrier
Australia is known to be one of the few monolingual nations in the world. It should be noted that the workplace has gone global and it becomes a disadvantage only to know one language. The problem is that Australians now don’t have to just go up against people from their own countries, but also with people from other countries who are proficient in English as well as their native language. This definitely gives other people a competitive advantage over Australians. It is known to be easier to learn a new language when you are younger, and this is something that is explored by a lot of western countries; with efforts being made to ensure that young adults are capable enough to handle the global struggle for employment and opportunity. But the same level of standard is not shown by Australia as it remains as one of the few nations that have seen a decline in students taking up other languages.

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