April 28, 2015

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“The market cannot be usefully understood as separate from society” : Social Economics, Social Economists and the Real World – by Wilfred Dolfsma


Social Economics understands the economy as value-laden – laden with values not just of a ‘bourgeois’ kind, such as prudence and thrift. The values of prudence and thrift are values that are consistent with a view of the market as an means for actors of all stripes to maximize whatever it is that they want to maximize. But, Dr Wilfred Dolfsma explains, social economics acknowledges that there are more values than these that imbue the economy with meaning.

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April 21, 2015


The Tools of Policy Formulation – by John Turnpenny


Policy-makers and analysts are accustomed to using tools and instruments to help design policy. But, as Dr. John Turnpenny explains, while there are many ‘how to’ guides to using such tools, far less work has been done on how and why they are actually used in practice.

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April 16, 2015

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An interview with Edward Elgar

edwardTo mark the publication of the 300th title in the International Library of Critical Writings in Economics we interviewed Edward Elgar, the founder and Chairman of Edward Elgar Publishing, to learn more about how this important book series began and its enduring popularity amongst academic reference libraries.

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April 14, 2015

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Neither free trade nor protection: how to change what we think about trade – by Bill Dunn


Both traditional and heterodox theories of trade tend to assume that either trade must be free, or that it must be protected. But, as Dr Bill Dunn argues, we must break free from this binary, and by doing so change the nature of how we think about – and do – trade.

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March 31, 2015

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How does academic research really benefit business? By Federica Rossi and Aldo Geuna

imageRecent in-depth studies of companies that work with academics challenge some commonly held ideas about technology transfer. Dr Federica Rossi and Professor Aldo Geuna look at the evidence to determine the most effective ways that research can help business.

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