August 17, 2015


International Development and Educating the Poor – by Pauline Dixon

512px-Flickr_-_usaid.africa_-_Education_programs_bring_primary_education_to_vulnerable_and_conflict-affected_children_in_UgandaLow-cost private education is increasingly popular in poorer regions throughout the world.  Professor Pauline Dixon argues that this is a great way of providing education and giving children the chance to succeed.

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August 3, 2015


Promethean Fear and the Motivation to Act – By Mary Warnock

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In the face of environmental collapse, Baroness Mary Warnock considers what motivates us to act in ways which can have a positive impact on our habitat.

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July 3, 2015

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Yes or No: Should Greece Exit the Euro?

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As Greek citizens prepare for what could potentially be the most important referendum in a generation, Louis-Philippe Rochon, James GalbraithTheodore Koutsobinas, Arne Heise and Philippos Sachinidis consider the arguments for and against exiting the eurozone.

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July 2, 2015


“Nothing will do instead of what we now have and what we are in danger of losing” – Mary Warnock on ownership, responsibility and a planet in peril.


In this thought-provoking and impassioned piece Baroness Mary Warnock considers the relationship between ownership and responsibility and asks how, given the many threats facing the environment, we can be led to take the responsibility that belongs with ownership for that which we do not, and cannot, own?

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June 30, 2015


Should taxpayers still fund university education at a time of crisis? By Federica Rossi and Aldo Geuna


With the recent financial and debt crisis, the extent to which the public can afford to fund universities has become increasingly controversial: in the context of tight public budgets and widespread cuts to public spending, even in areas perceived as basic services to support the more vulnerable members of society, what reasons could there possibly be for continuing to fund a “luxury” like higher education?  Dr Federica Rossi and Professor Aldo Geuna consider the viability of publicly funded universities and their alternatives.

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